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Die hier gezeigten Abzeichen sind zu edukativen Zwecken dargestellt, aus diesem Grund sind sie nicht abgedeckt. Weiterhin möchte ich auf den folgenden Discliamer aufmerksam machen:

Disclaimer: Die hier gezeigten Abbildungen aus der Zeit des "Dritten Reiches", u.a. mit dem damals obligatorischen "Hakenkreuz", dienen der Berichterstattung über Vorgänge des Zeitgeschehens, der staatsbürgerlichen Aufklärung sowie Forschung und Lehre (§ 86a, 86 StGB)

The following is the news headlines as reported in the German "Rheinische Landeszeitung" newspaper July 1940........

1st July 40. England knows the new position. Radical regrouping in the Mediterranean. Churchill has problems, internal political debates.

The Führer visits the Eiffel Tower

2nd July 40. Mass exodus of plutocrates. The American diplomats open extra passport control counters to cope.

3rd July 40. There remains only one enemy-England.

4th July 40. Secret papers from the French High Command have been discovered. A planed attack on Russian oilfields. Turkish foreign minister in with london warmongerers. Sweden was to be forced to take part in the blockade against Germany. 100 divisions of the Balkan States were to attack Germany on Englands orders. No place anymore for neutrals. It was all a centered on control of iron ore and oil.

The Führer arrives at the Heldenfriedhof of the Hitler Youth in Langenmarck

5th July 40. Last warning from Pétain to Churchill: Come close and we will fire on British ships. England attacks the French fleet off Oran. Battleships "Dunkirk", "Provence" and "Mogador" blasted out of the water, "Bretagne" struck a mine and sank. "Strassbourg" met her fate in the Mediterranean. The Führer allows the French to scuttle their fleet.

6th July 40. The Allied pact has been destroyed at Oran. France breaks off diplomatic contact with England.

New award, the Sturmabzeichen

7th July 40. The joyous welcome for the Führer in the capital. Germany greets the Führer. Adolf Hitler returned on Saturday afternoon, after the greatest victory of all time, to a thunderous welcome in Berlin. Hermann Göring greeted  the Führer first. A marchpast in triumph never before seen in the history of Berlin!

Führer in Berlin

8th July 40. The Führer meets Count Ciano in Berlin.

Spanish and German officers meet up on the French-Spanish border

The Führer returns to Berlin

9th July 40. London searches for a foreign policy genius- afraid of being shut out of a new European block.

The Führer and Generalfeldmarschall Göring greet wounded soldiers in the Reichskanzlei

Count Ciano and von Ribbentrop  in Berlin

10th July 40. Germany gets ready for the Battle of England. The English have doubts about the role the BEF played in Flanders. German U-Boat successes.

11th July 40. Our air advantage over England increases.

12th July 40. politics are of peace for Europe, talks in Munich.

13th July 40. Day and night attacks on England.

14th July 40. More papers released concerning Allied attack plans against Northern Europe. Secret papers found at the French High Command. Main target the iron ore supplies to Germany.

15th July 40. Victorious air battles over the Channel. 10 British fighters shot down for one of ours. German battleship sinks 18,500 tons of shipping.

16th July 40. Quick reconstruction for Strassburg, Robert Wagner in the old German city.

Kriegsmarine sailors returning from Narvik

17th July 40. Workers and soldiers visit Bayreuth. Dr.Ley talks of the reasons for the "War Festival 1940", which will begin with the "Flying Dutchman".

18th July 40. Panic in England, no real defence policy.

19th July 40. Berlin greets her victorious soldiers, with the sound of church bells, the first Berlin based division marches through the Brandenburger Tor.

20th July 40. Adolf Hitler appeals for peace and common sense. The Nation thanks their soldiers. Hermann Göring is made Reichsmarschall. The Party now leads the Home Front.

The Reichsmarschall chats with his airmen

The Führer with wounded soldier, in the fight for freedom

21st July 40. The English war criminals are not interested in peace, they do not understand the meaning of sense.

The Reichstag and the Führers peace offer

22nd July 40. 22 English aircraft shot down. A cruiser and two destroyers damaged.

The Führer with General Dietl. The Oakleaves to the Knights Cross.

The Führer with Ciano

Three new SS-Ober gruppenführer. Bormann, von Ribbentrop and Dr.Lammes

23rd July 40. fresh French documents reveals how Britain wanted to close the Danube to river traffic and destroy the Rumanian oil industry.

24th July 40. England votes for war. Halifax says they will fight on, even if it means they will go under.

25th July 40. A british convoy destroyed. Luftwaffe sink an English submarine.

26th July 40. Germany rebuilds Europe´s economy. New Order for the continental economy under German control. Reichsmark will be the main currency. New rules laid down by Reichsminister Funk.

27th July 40. Continued attacks on English shipping. King George forced to use air raid shelter.

28th July 40. Art is the voice of the people. Rudolf Hess opens the German    "Art Exhibition 1940". Dr.Goebbels speaks at the opening.

29th July 40. Spain stands on the side of Germany.

30th July 40. 24,750 tons of shipping sunk from one convoy.

31st July 40. Stuka squadrons attack Dover.